Greetings my lovely readers!

My name is Kristen, I am a writer, an asian drama addict, a manga/anime binger, a collector of books, and parent to two house pets. But most importantly, I am a wife– a wife to a musician to be precise.

That is why I created this blog. Anyone who is married to a musician knows that it takes a certain kind of love to handle. It isn’t easy and is almost daunting. As stated in my first post, A Musician’s #1 Fan Should Always Be Their Spouse,

“Musicians are constantly traveling for tours and play late night shows or rehearsals.  Sometimes the money is really bad and other times it is really good. Tax season is a headache, because you have to find all their independent payments and not to mention all their receipts for gear– really expensive gear. But despite all the stress, months away at a time, and money, you are their number one fan. Cheer them on! The entire entertainment industry is against them statistically, you don’t need to be either. More importantly, the reward of seeing them succeed is so great that there is no feeling to compare.”

So if you are married to a musician, then you can relate to half this blog. If you are thinking of marrying a musician then this is like research to know what your in for! So lets do this together! Musician spouses unite!


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