A Musician’s #1 Fan Should Always Be Their Spouse


Once upon a time,

More like 4 years ago, I met my husband during college. Here is the thing, many women have this “thing” with musicians. It’s like a stigma that girls fall head over heals for them. I, however, never really imagined myself being being with one. To be fair, I had no idea what I wanted in a man when it came to his profession; I only knew what I wanted in his values and personality. So when I met Patrick it was like he was the peanut butter to my jelly, or maybe I had the peanut butter and he brought the jelly. In either case, once we started dating, I knew that we were going to be inseparable.

So for all of you married, or even dating, a musician, there is that moment in the relationship when you learn of their aspiration and career goals to make it in the cut throat entertainment industry. Perhaps, you thought it was a hobby at first or maybe even something on the side. I can even see the significant other believing it to be  faze that they will grow out of. After all, a musicians work is never secure, and unless they have connections it’s nearly impossible to make a living. However once you realize that they will pursue their musical careers, as  the significant other, you have a choice to stay or leave. Not everyone is cut out to be a musician’s spouse, and it truly is a daunting task.

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